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Summer Compilation

Last summer I released a compilation with some nice tunes. Some old and some new tracks.

Press release:

The summer is coming and to celebrate the sun and happiness, we put together this “feel the warm breeze at the beach with a cocktail in your hand” compilation. That is of course a nice title, but  ‘Summer Rough Cuts 2013’ just says all that, but a bit shorter. 14 tracks and a bonus DJ mix! Such a mix always comes in handy, when you’re playing somewhere, but you need to go to the toilet. It’s more than an hour of the best music, so, after your toilet visit, go and talk to that nice person, who has been staring at you from the bar!  Brag about your mixing skills, by saying that you don’t need to be behind the decks to still mix perfectly. It’s just the perfect compilation for everyones need and joy. A few golden oldies mixed with some brand new stuff. These exclusive new tracks from projects like Tetraflux and MRE, will all have their own release in the near future, with and without remixes…all and more reason to get your copy now and hold on to it forever!    Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records


1. The Electric 10 – Underflow
2. Lemonsoul – The Lightning
3. Michael Walken – Theramin Theatrics
4. Underground Baseheads – Over
5. Lemonsoul – Show The World
6. J.Roks – Music Is My Teacher
7. Jamez & Soulboy feat. Cedric Le Noir – The Butler
8. Jamez & Jerome – Shake It
9. MRE – The Deep Edge prt 3
10. Tetraflux – Always
11. P.I.M.P. – Skies (Loophole Remix)
12. Jamez – Glock (MRE’s Deep Edge Remix)
13. Loophole – Fanatic
14. The Electric 10 – Pacific
15. DJ Mix


Jamez & Soulboy – Halo EP

On Eyepatch Recordings we released our Halo EP. A four tracker where techno meets tech house and progressive. We just like to mix things up I guess 😉

press release:
Electronic music legend Jamez, part of Trancesetters, Tata Box Inhibitors or Dobre & Jamez with whom he also co-founded Touché Records teams up with Soulboy, famous for his remix of DJ Astrid “The Spell” and for his previous work with Jamez called Surface Tension, wich was 2009´s Kevin Saunderson’s summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio, for this awesome Halo EP in Eyepatch Recordings.

The release comes with four outstanding tracks, Halo, Freak, Just Believe and Soleil.

Buy at Beatport or your favorite download portal

AstroNivo remix

For Omnis I joined hands with Soulboy and Chris Boshell to remix AstroNivo’s Vinortsa.

Press release:
Astronivo are an electronic phenomenon created by Guy Astrogano and Niv Konforty out of Israel. With a deep dedication to dance music and after a random meeting in Tel Aviv, these two musical talents have been inseparable; exploring and creating progressive minimal trance and house with amazing results. And now, after the successful release of Hasamba PART I and just in time for WMC, we give you Hasamba PART II.
Starting off with a few unreleased originals, Niminal and New Day are two techy numbers that do wonders for the head. Both bits are deep tech-house so have a good gander. You will be happy you did. Also on the package is a remix of Jamez & Soulboy remix of Hasamba. A bit harder edged, it is surely geared to the main room. And as an added bonus, we have three remixes of Vinortsa, an original AstroNivo number that set clubs up in smoke in 2009. Remixes in! clude Jamez & Boshell along with two Boshell & Loophole mixes ! garnerin g a dub and a rework, both of which are smooth steady groovers. Ah, we love it when the ears sing!

Buy at Beatport or your favorite download portal.