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Loophole’s Blast From The Past

Touché legend Loophole gives us 5 beautiful tracks, that brings us back to earlier days of techno.

Press release:

Loophole, for those who haven’t paid attention, is one of the glory projects on the famous Touché Records. With a beautiful release on Repressure Recordings in 2012, Loophole had a respectful return to the scene. Now finally back to where it all started, Rough Cut Records. Back in the nineties this was a project suitable for the strange outcast label like Rough Cut, but instead it was signed to it’s pretty sister Touché Records. The weird and sometimes hard techno was well appreciated by the Touché in croud, but Rough Cut Records was never forgotten. Now in 2013 it’s back where it belongs. The Blast From The Past EP is one big trip through memory lane, when house music was still house music and soul and warmth where big ingredients for a nice night out. Get inide the music and let it sweep you along the banks of house music. Give yourself for Loophole…

Underground Baseheads – Crossed EP

Back from the nineties, the Baseheads are back. First EP in 14 years is this Crossed EP. Fat beats and a spot on house flavour.

Press release:
After 15 years, Underground Baseheads are back with a new single. Raw and underground, the Baseheads still know how to produce good house music. The track Crossed is a mix between filter disco and Dutch electro house, the track Over is more tech house and while it all sounds dated maybe, who cares, the Baseheads are back to rumble, let’s go!!!

Buy it here on Beatport.

Milo and Jamez – Tarantula EP

Soon out as special X-Mas treat:

Milo and Jamez – Tarantula EP
remixes by A.Paul. Out on APaul’s Naked Lunch label.

More info soon…..

Tech[non]sense | Reviews (Week 13 t/m 21)

new review online! finally 😉 this week you can read about:
Paolo Mojo, Franco Cinelli, Jerome Sydenham, Cocoon Compilation, A Balter & Eltan Relter, Future Beat Alliance, Moby, Dani Sbert, Sian, Nuke, Wax, Sleeparchive, Slam, Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC, Anders Ilar, Gabriel D’or & Bordoy, Summer Flight To Ibiza and Our Heart Is With Japan Compilation….enjoy reading!!!

Tech[non]sense | Reviews (Week 13 t/m 21).

First Rough Cut compilation album!!!

yeah people! I’ve dun it! My first compilation album, compiled by me with tracks from my own label Rough Cut. This is the first part of two. Hey, I’ll try to compile even more in the future, no problem!

A compilation of Rough Cuts part 1 (1996 – 2011)

tracklisting of this beauty:

Electric 10 – Freakin’(indeep mix)
Jamez – Give me some space (Loophole remix)
Pitch Black – Smile from Utrecht
Mindfunk – Draft
X-mod man – Kheddo
Jamez & Derric – Bounce
Electric 10 – Street Basics
Jamez – Drop
P.i.m.p. – Freak Out (loophole deep remix)
Dobre & Jamez – Rattle
Electric 10 – Ex-PR
Jamez – Blazer
Accent – Stepaside
Boom – Pure
Mindfunk – Mindfunk
Jamez – Trauma

Get this album through Beatport and all other portals….


Jamez & Soulboy – Halo EP

On Eyepatch Recordings we released our Halo EP. A four tracker where techno meets tech house and progressive. We just like to mix things up I guess 😉

press release:
Electronic music legend Jamez, part of Trancesetters, Tata Box Inhibitors or Dobre & Jamez with whom he also co-founded Touché Records teams up with Soulboy, famous for his remix of DJ Astrid “The Spell” and for his previous work with Jamez called Surface Tension, wich was 2009´s Kevin Saunderson’s summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio, for this awesome Halo EP in Eyepatch Recordings.

The release comes with four outstanding tracks, Halo, Freak, Just Believe and Soleil.

Buy at Beatport or your favorite download portal

AstroNivo remix

For Omnis I joined hands with Soulboy and Chris Boshell to remix AstroNivo’s Vinortsa.

Press release:
Astronivo are an electronic phenomenon created by Guy Astrogano and Niv Konforty out of Israel. With a deep dedication to dance music and after a random meeting in Tel Aviv, these two musical talents have been inseparable; exploring and creating progressive minimal trance and house with amazing results. And now, after the successful release of Hasamba PART I and just in time for WMC, we give you Hasamba PART II.
Starting off with a few unreleased originals, Niminal and New Day are two techy numbers that do wonders for the head. Both bits are deep tech-house so have a good gander. You will be happy you did. Also on the package is a remix of Jamez & Soulboy remix of Hasamba. A bit harder edged, it is surely geared to the main room. And as an added bonus, we have three remixes of Vinortsa, an original AstroNivo number that set clubs up in smoke in 2009. Remixes in! clude Jamez & Boshell along with two Boshell & Loophole mixes ! garnerin g a dub and a rework, both of which are smooth steady groovers. Ah, we love it when the ears sing!

Buy at Beatport or your favorite download portal.

Crime EP on Naked Lunch

I released three tracks on the famous Naked Lunch label. The Crime EP.
Three hard techno tracks with a dark sphere. Already working on a follow up, but no rush….

Get it here on Beatport or your favorite download portal.

New Rough Cut release out soon

After 10 years, I revitalized my Rough Cut label. When sales went down in 1999 and I had to spend more time on my album on Mute / Future Groove, I stopped the label. With 18 releases from me and other artists, Rough Cut had grown into a real underground techno label, where experiments, distortion, techno and all kinds of styles came together. Last year I decided to restart the label. With new technologies and the digital age it has all become way to easy to release your own music. While everyone is bitching about all the crap that is been released, the crap just keeps on finding it’s way to the surface. Everyone is bitching about the clubscene and the mass amount of wannabee DJ’s, but no one seems to stop them from playing. These DJ’s even become arrogant enough to think they are actually good DJ’s…..damn….It’s just become to easy to participate. A shame, because not everyone is a producer or DJ. It’s the same if there would be a tool, which would make it very easy to plaster. Because there is still money to be made, everyone buys this tool and now think they can plaster. But no boys and girls…..please stop and start looking for another job and let the grown ups do their work. You are ruining the scene for people who do know what they are doing….

Back to Rough Cut records….I’m planning more releases this year and one or maybe two compilation albums. I already started working on remixes from the old catalogue.

Next release on Rough Cut is Jamez – Glock EP. With remixes from MRE and Fortress. I could say, these remixers are big names that had big releases on Superstition and Alphabet City in the nineties. And..that’s true, but Fortress and MRE are two aliases from me. I have over 40 aliases so I can choose 😉

So release soon, here a few snippets, enjoy:

Jamez – Glock (MRE’s Deep Edge Remix)

Jamez – Percize (Fortress Remix)

cheers everyone!


New EP, still unreleased

Last week I finished the last track for a new techno EP with the nice title Crime EP. With tracks like Witness, Alibi and Evidence. I really don’t know yet what to do with the tracks. I guess they are to hard for Repressure. It would be nice to release them on another label, so if anyone is interested…let me know 😉

Jamez – Witness

Jamez – Alibi

Jamez – Evidence

Enjoy the music!
Peace Out.