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Celebrating 2013!

With 2013 behind us, it’s good to stand still and look back. The releases, remixes and goodies from Rough Cut Records.

Press release:
This compilation looks back to 2013. The diversity, the beats and breaks, melodies and the rawness. Welcoming new artists and reviving some old. 2013 was the start up for the next generation Rough Cut Records. With the whole interesting year 2014 in front of us, we can smile back on the beautiful year 2013. Thanks to everyone involved! Let´s get Rough for 2014 !

The Electric 10 new EP

Rough Cut veterans The Electric 10 are back with a new EP.

Press release:
A new year starts with The Electric 10. Warm sounds, perky basslines and soulful beats all combined, form the distinctive techno sound of Jamez and Jerry. The three tracks on this EP just keep on showing that the boys still know how it’s done. Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records…


Kompressor’s Fat Beat

Kompressor aka H.P. Vince is back for his second release on Rough Cut. Fat Beat is a sawbass bomb.

Press release:
Second release from Kompressor on Rough Cut Records is a fat one. Fat Beat is a crazy sawbass trip, with screaming women and mad beeps and bleeps. The break is an old fashioned snare filled, sweeps blazing, climax reaching break, which will definetely put some hands in the air. Jamez’s remix puts Fat Beat in a smoother techno vibe. Still enough bleeps and saws, but just a wee bit more subtle. Together they make a nice fat EP.

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records…

The weird sound of Moon Madness

Moon Madness has landed! The weird electronic sounds of this project come together on this EP. Actually the second ever release of Moon Madness. First one was on Tova Records….but that’s a long time ago 🙂

Press release:
The weird electronic music from Moon Madness can not be placed in any genre. It´s strange, somewhat dark music. Breakbeats and melancholy melodies collide with techno basslines and other house influences. When we heard it for the first time, we knew instantly that this was something for Rough Cut. Not because it is hard techno or rough house, but it´s just the raw quality of this music that is enough. Let yourself be enchanted by the sound of Moon Madness.

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records…

Jamez goes house

My new singles on Rough Cut are C-Through and Fridah Rehab. Not so much techno this time, but a bit more house.

Press release:
Jamez´s new single on Rough Cut is a beautiful and funky piece of work. ´C Through´ is based on Romanthony´s The Wanderer from 1993. Not a remix, not an edit, but an hommage to this beautiful track. ´Friday Rehab´ is a progressive house tune that will put a smile on your face. Jamez´s typical sounds, beats and use of samples really come together on this EP, that needs to be in every DJ´s record case.

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records…

Accent is back!

Jamez and DJ Drifter’s project Accent is back on Rough Cut. First ever release on Rough Cut in 1995 with the 10 minute acid track Confusion. Now back with Too Much Heat.

Press release:
Accent returns with ´Too Much Heat´. There´s no original mix of the track. Jamez and DJ Drifter searched for sounds and samples together and produced their own original version seperately. With other remixes from Kompressor and Aspro´s bad boy Bonemachine, the EP is complete. Expect hard and dark beats, mixed with strange atmospheres. To top it all off, there´s a bonus track from the boys called `I Want To Believe´. Enjoy the madness of Accent and watch out for….too much heat….

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records.

Italian techno talent IDR3N signs to Rough Cut Records

Our new blood in the family is techno talent IDR3N.

Press release:

Italian new talent IDR3N produced these two raw techno tracks. Raw and rough is the way we like it. Where ´Elix´ wants you to go crazy with it´s snare breaks and Dave Clark´s Red 2 sounds, ´Rhobbot´takes it a bit slower, but is still a raw and interesting piece of work. With remixes from Touché legends Loophole who turns ´Elix´ in a pumping tech house track and Tatoine, who flips and shakes ´Rhobbot´ around and marks his sound with deep pads and warm basslines. IDR3N is someone to look out for. His releases are popping up everywhere on various labels. We´re proud to be a part of his upcoming fame. Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records.

Summer Compilation

Last summer I released a compilation with some nice tunes. Some old and some new tracks.

Press release:

The summer is coming and to celebrate the sun and happiness, we put together this “feel the warm breeze at the beach with a cocktail in your hand” compilation. That is of course a nice title, but  ‘Summer Rough Cuts 2013’ just says all that, but a bit shorter. 14 tracks and a bonus DJ mix! Such a mix always comes in handy, when you’re playing somewhere, but you need to go to the toilet. It’s more than an hour of the best music, so, after your toilet visit, go and talk to that nice person, who has been staring at you from the bar!  Brag about your mixing skills, by saying that you don’t need to be behind the decks to still mix perfectly. It’s just the perfect compilation for everyones need and joy. A few golden oldies mixed with some brand new stuff. These exclusive new tracks from projects like Tetraflux and MRE, will all have their own release in the near future, with and without remixes…all and more reason to get your copy now and hold on to it forever!    Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records


1. The Electric 10 – Underflow
2. Lemonsoul – The Lightning
3. Michael Walken – Theramin Theatrics
4. Underground Baseheads – Over
5. Lemonsoul – Show The World
6. J.Roks – Music Is My Teacher
7. Jamez & Soulboy feat. Cedric Le Noir – The Butler
8. Jamez & Jerome – Shake It
9. MRE – The Deep Edge prt 3
10. Tetraflux – Always
11. P.I.M.P. – Skies (Loophole Remix)
12. Jamez – Glock (MRE’s Deep Edge Remix)
13. Loophole – Fanatic
14. The Electric 10 – Pacific
15. DJ Mix


Bonemachine and his Clubsound

Aspro Records icon Bonemachine releases his Clubsound on Rough Cut Records.
Raw and honest techno with a wink and a laugh…

Press release:

Rough Cut is proud to present all the old heros from the past. One of them, straight out of the underground is Bonemachine. With the release Pianic on Eddy de Clerq´s Aspro label, the tone was set. Minimal hard techno with a touch of soul. After 15 years, nothing changed. The music still has the same feel and flow. And that´s exactly what we want. House and techno has become a way to sell your self and 90% has nothing to do with the meaning of house music. Rough Cut keeps on doing what it did all these years ago and this release with Bonemachine is again a good example. Like it or don´t, love it or hate it, but don´t be ashamed when that smile hits your face after listening to Bonemachine…Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records.

Loophole’s Blast From The Past

Touché legend Loophole gives us 5 beautiful tracks, that brings us back to earlier days of techno.

Press release:

Loophole, for those who haven’t paid attention, is one of the glory projects on the famous Touché Records. With a beautiful release on Repressure Recordings in 2012, Loophole had a respectful return to the scene. Now finally back to where it all started, Rough Cut Records. Back in the nineties this was a project suitable for the strange outcast label like Rough Cut, but instead it was signed to it’s pretty sister Touché Records. The weird and sometimes hard techno was well appreciated by the Touché in croud, but Rough Cut Records was never forgotten. Now in 2013 it’s back where it belongs. The Blast From The Past EP is one big trip through memory lane, when house music was still house music and soul and warmth where big ingredients for a nice night out. Get inide the music and let it sweep you along the banks of house music. Give yourself for Loophole…