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Loophole – Getronic

(Rough Cut Records, 2017)

Getronic (Original)
Getronic (Jamez Remix)

Van Czar – Danse Du Petit Matin

(Bonzai Basiks, 2017)

Danse Du Petit Matin (Deep Dub Tech)
Danse Du Petit Matin (Jamez Remix)

Tata Box Inhibitors – Ribosomal (Re-Release)

(Rough Cut Records, 2017)

Ribosomal (One Take Mix)
Ribosomal (Jeroen Verheij Remix)
Ribosomal (Jamez and Dobre Remix)
Ribosomal (Laidback Luke’s Hard Tribe Mix)
Ribosomal (Laidback Luke’s Hard Tribe Re-edit)

Float – Nothing Seems Real (Remixes)

(Rough Cut Records, 2017)

Nothing Seems Real (Original)
Nothing Seems Real (Voodooamt Remix)
Nothing Seems Real (Tatoine’s Pure Remix)
Nothing Seems Real (Free Your Mind Mix)

Tetraflux – From The Past Into The Present Future (The Remixes)

(Rough Cut Records, 2016)

From the Past into the Present Future (Original)
From the Past into the Present Future (Loophole Future Remix)
From the Past into the Present Future (Phraktal Ambifunk Remix)
From the Past into the Present Future (Tatoine’s Past Remix)
From the Past into the Present Future (Moon Madness Present Deep Remix)

Lemonsoul – I’m Cold

(Rough Cut Records, 2015)

I’m Cold (Original)
I’m Cold (Jamez Deep Freeze Remix)

MRE – The Deep Edge Prt 3

(Rough Cut Records, 2015)

The Deep Edge Part 3 (Original Mix)
The Deep Edge Part 3 (Jamez Remix)
The Deep Edge Part 3 The Electric 10 Remix)

Loophole – Crisis

(Rough Cut Records, 2015)

Crisis (Original)
Crisis (Jamez Remix)

Tetraflux – Always EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2015)

Always (Original)
Always (Tatoine Remix)
Histoire D’Amour (Original)
Histoire D’Amour (Jamez Remix)
People Like Us (Original)

 Ken Hayakawa – Biomechanics EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2015)

Biomechanics (Original)
Biomechanics (Amp Destruction Mix)
Biomechanics (Jamez & Plectric Remix)
Biomechanics (Loophole Remix)
Biomechanics (Moon Madness Remix)

 Jamez & Soulboy – Surface Tension The Remixes Part 2

(Rough Cut Records, 2015)

Surface Tension (Original)
Surface Tension (Ben Shaw Remix)
Surface Tension (Moon Madness After Life Remix)
Surface Tension (Naveen G Interude Remix)
Surface Tension (Tatoine’s After Cocktails Remix)

Jamez – Silence (The Remixes)

(Rough Cut Records, 2014)

Silence (Original)
Silence (Nick Hansen Remix)
Silence (Tatoine’s 2001 Space Remix)
Silence (Jamez and Plectric Remix)
Silence (Fortress?s Distorted 1999 Remix)
Silence (Lemonsoul’s Enjoy The Silence Remix)
Silence (X-Mod Man’s Loud Remix)

 Fortress- Fortress (Remixes)

(Rough Cut Records, 2014)

Fortress (Original)
Fortress (Loophole Remix)
Fortress (Jamez Remix)
Fortress (Float Remix)
Fortress (Bonemachine Remix)
Fortress (X-Mod Man Remix)

 Jamez & Soulboy – Surface Tension (The Remixes part 1)

(Rough Cut Records, 2014)

Surface Tension (Original)
Surface Tension (IDR3N Remix)
Surface Tension (Naveen G Remix)
Surface Tension (Loophole’s Tension Remix)
Surface Tension (Totem Pole Remix)
Surface Tension (Jamez & Plectric Remix)

 IDR3N – Gabriel Angel EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2014)

Gabriel Angel (Original)
Gabriel Angel (Tatoine’s Heartbeat Remix)
The Your Mind (Original)
The Your Mind (Jamez & Plectric Remix)

Ernest Luminor – Streetz

(Pure Substance Digital, 2014)

Streetz (Original)
Streetz (Pako and Frederik Remix)
Streetz (Jamez Remix)
Streetz (Ambient Mix)

Written and produced by Ernest Luminor.

Digital EP

   Trancesetters – The Search

(Kling Klong, 2014)

The Search (Ray Okpara & Mobius Strum Remix)
The Search (Dimitri Andreas Remix)
The Search Jamez & Plectric Remix
The Search (Remastered)

Jimmy Galle – When Cats Attack 

(Rough Cut Records, 2014)

When Cats Attack (Original)
When Cats Attack (Jamez Remix)

 IDR3N – Elix EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2013)

Elix (Original)
Elix (Loophole Remix)
Rhobbot (Original)
Rhobbot (Tatoine Remix)

 Kompressor – Fat Beat

(Rough Cut Records, 2013)

Fat Beat (Original)
Fat Beat (Jamez Remix)

 Accent – Too Much Heat (Remixes)

(Rough Cut Records, 2013)

Too Much Heat (Jamez Remix)
Too Much Heat (Drifter’s Stomach And Mind Remix)
Too Much Heat (Kompressor Remix)
Too Much Heat (Bonemachine Remix)
I Want To Believe (Original)

J.Roks – Faster EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2013)

Faster (Original)
Rocking (Original)
Rocking (Drop Remix)
Show You How I Rock (Original)

 Koishii & Hush – I’ll Be There

(Grammaton Recordings, 2013)

I’ll Be There (Original)
I’ll Be There (MuseArtic Remix)
I’ll Be There (Jayeson Andel RemixI’ll Be There Jeff Barringer Club Mix)
I’ll Be There (Jamez Remix)

 Tribal Warriors – 08

(Bonzai Basiks, 2013)

08 (Original)
08 (Jamez’s Peace and Love Remix)
08 (Ugur Yurt & Tofke Remix)

Rolando Vallice – Disagree

(Repressure Recordings, 2013)

Disagree (Original)
Disagree (Jamez Agrees Remix)
Disagree (Bas Thomas Remix)
Disagree (Daniel Mehes Remix)

 Ozan Kanik- Mr White

(Omnis Recordings, 2012)

Mr. White (Original)
Mr. White (Jamez’s Laidback Remix)
Mr. White (Rob Hes Coloured Remix)

 Ernest Luminor – Jaga

(Pure Substance, 2012)

Jaga (Original Mix)
Jaga (Pako & Frederik Remix)
Jaga (Pako & Frederik Breakbeat Remix)
Jaga (Jamez Remix)
Jaga (Ambient Mix)

Calbos – The Grind

(Sounds R Us Recordings, 2012)

The Grind (Original)
The Grind (Jamez Remix)
The Grind (Sylar Remix)
The Grind (The Bunglers Remix)

Carlos Rios – Tragedy

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Tragedy (Original Mix)
Tragedy (Paul Farrel Remix)
Tragedy (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

Eddie Matos – Hypnotized

(People That Make The Music, 2012)

Hypnotized (Jamez Remix)

Among other 17 remixes

  Gabriella Penn – Alert The Fleet EP 

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Alert The Fleet (Original)
Alert The Fleet (Rob Hes Alert Remix)
Ten Angels On A Pin (Original)
Ten Angels On A Pin (Jamez Remix)
Ten Angels On A Pin (Mike Maass Remix)

  Oz Romita – Intensive Care

(Omnis Recordings, 2012)

Intensive Care (Original)
Intensive Care (Jamez Remix)
Intensive Care (Angel D’Onorio Remix)

  Gforty – Let’s Beat

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Let’s Beat (Original)
Let’s Beat (Ben Shaw Remix)
Let’s Beat (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)
Let’s Get Bad (Original)
Let’s Get Bad (Cassino vs Boshell Mix)
Let’s Get Bad (Gabriel Ben Remix)

  Orlando Voorn – No Fear

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

No Fear (Original)
No Fear (Raffaele Attanasio’s Insane Remix)
No Fear (Alejandro Trebor Remix)
No Fear (Alejandro Trebor Reworked)
No Fear (Jamez & Soulboy’s Fear Remix)
No Fear (A.Paul Remix)
No Fear (OV’s Electro Remix)
No Fear (Jeroen Search Remix)

  Jamez feat Jerome – Chasing Dreams

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Chasing Dreams feat. Jerome (Original)
Chasing Dreams (feat Jerome Tatoine Remix)
Chasing Dreams feat. Jerome (Boshell and Cody Hollywould Mix)

  Andre Salata – 3060

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Thirty Sixty (Original)
Thirty Sixty (L_Cio Remix)
Thirty Sixty (Arnaldo Miranda Remix)
Thirty Sixty (Groove Delight Remix)
Thirty Sixty (Jamez Remix)
Thirty Sixty (Positive Merge Remix)
Thirty Sixty (Pe & Ban Remix)

  Jamez – Drumspirit

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Drum Spirit (Original)
Drum Spirit (Loophole Remix)
Drum Spirit (Boshell & Cody Remix)

Oz Romita – Superb

(Bonzai Basiks, 2012)

Superb (Original)
Superb (Jamez Remix)
Superb (Spetterphat Remix)

  Josel & Pedro – A Shrine To Disorder

(Polytechnic Recordings, 2012)

A Shrine To Disorder (Original)
A Shrine To Disorder (Ambient Mix)
A Shrine To Disorder (Four-To-The-Floor Edit)
A Shrine To Disorder (Jamez Remix)
A Shrine To Disorder (Pako & Frederik Remix)

  Jamez – Under Pressure

(Rough Cut Records, 2012)

Under Pressure (Original)
Under Pressure (Loophole Remix)
Frontier (Original)

  DJHD – Ophar Chasma EP

(Tall House Underground, 2012)

The Unbearable Lightness of Bobby (Original)
Sax Incredible Original Mix
The Recipe Is Funk Soul Groove (Original)
The Recipe Is Funk Soul Groove (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

  Exploit – Motor City EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

The Philter (Jaap Ligthart Remix)
The Philter (Tatoine Remix)
Offshoot (Jamez Remix)
Offshoot (Jimmy Galle Remix)

  Mainer – The Mirror EP

(Repressure Repressure, 2012)

The Mirror (Original)
The Mirror (M&M Hard Flash Remix)
The Mirror (Tatoine’s Deep Desert Remix)

  Oz Romita – Sputnik

(Mint & Mustard Recordings, 2012)

Sputnik (Original)
Sputnik (Jamez Remix)
Sputnik (Dennis Hercules Shufflemix)

  A.Paul – Flam (Remixes part 3)

(Naked Lunch, 2012)

Flam (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

Among other 9 remixes

  Jimmy Galle – Yoghurt EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2012)

Yoghurt Original Mix
Yoghurt Sean McCaff Remix
Yoghurt Mylan Remix
Yoghurt Jamez & Soulboy Remix
Yoghurt Senses Of Taste Remix

  Oz Romita – Midnight Run EP (Remixes)

(Mint & Mustard Recordings, 2011)

Rolling Jamez Remix
Rolling Dennis Hercules Latin Remix
Rolling AudioKnob Remix
Rolling Mr. Warning vs Joshua Kardell Remix
Rolling Jordan Rivera Remix
Levelized Jamez Remix
Levelized Loophole Remix
Levelized DJ Miss Monica Remix
Sound Blaster Goksel Vancin Mix
Sound Blaster Loophole Remix

  Jamez & Soulboy – Fierce EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

Fierce (Original)
Fierce (Patrick DSP Remix)
Fierce (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix)
Julunggul (Original)
Julunggul (Orlando Voorn Remix)
Julunggul (Loophole Remix)

Written and produced by Jamez & Soulboy

Digital EP

  Angelo D’Onorio – 7 Days EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

7 Days (Original)
7 Days (Tatoine’s Skywalker Remix)
7 Days (Roel Salemink Remix)
Analogue Wet (Original)
Analogue Wet (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)
Analogue Wet (Oz Romita Remix)

  Spetterphat – A Small Flashback EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

A Small Flashback (Original)
A Small Flashback (Camiel Daamen’s Flash Forward Remix)
A Small Flashback Rolando Vallice’s Big Room Edit)
A Small Flashback (Loophole Remix)
SpaTTerr (Original)
SpaTTerr (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)
SpaTTerr (Minilab Remix)

  Oz Romita – Amsterdam Sound EP

(USB, 2011)

Amsterdam Sound (Original)
Amsterdam Sound (Jamez Remix)
Amsterdam Sound (Jordan Rivera Remix)

  Bas Thomas – Second 2 None

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

Second 2 None (Original)
Second 2 None (Mike Maass Remix)
Second 2 None (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

  Oz Romita – Hot Spot Shield

(Pirelli, 2011)

Hot Spot Field (Original)
Hot Spot Field (Jamez Remix)

  Tatoine – Sometimes EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

Sometimes (Original)
Sometimes (Kevin McKay Remix)
Just Do It (Original)
Fall In (Original)
Fall In (Jamez Remix)

  Loophole – Fortress EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

Fortress (Original)
Fortress (Exploit Remix)
Bend (Original)
Bend (Jamez Remix)

  Oz Romita – The Ultimate

(Mint & Mustard, 2011)

The Ultimate (Original)
The Ultimate (Del Horno Remix)
The Ultimate (Loophole Remix)
The Ultimate (Jamez Remix)

  P.I.M.P. – Freak Out EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2011)

Freak Out (Original)
Freak Out (Jamez’s Burnout Remix)
Freak Out (Loophole’s Deep Remix)
Freak Out (J. Roks Vocal Remix)

  Jamez & Soulboy – We Want It

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

We Want It (Original)
We Want It (Carlos Rios Remix)
The Code (Original)
The Code (Loophole Remix)

  Oz Romita – All Night Long

(USB, 2011)

All Night Long (Original)
All Night Long (Jamez Remix)
All Night Long (Angelo D’Onorio Remix)
All Night Long (Dennis Hercules Remix)
All Night Long (Dennis Hercules Latin Remix)

  Ernest Luminor – Mnemonic

(Polytechnic Recordings, 2011)

Mnemonic (Jamez Remix)
Illusory (Jamez’s Sweet Remix)

Among 42 other tracks and remixes

 Jamez feat Jerome - Sex Addiction Jamez Feat Jerome – Sex Addiction EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

Sex Addiction (Original)
Sex Addiction (Jamez Sexy Remix)
Sex Addiction (Instrumental Mix)

  Ignacio Demaria – Friday

(Bonzai Basiks, 2011)

Friday (Jamez Remix)
Friday (Project KF Remix)
Friday (Ignacio Demaria Remix)
Friday (Steve Prior Remix)
Friday (Jaime Narvaez & Mikie Smithers Remix)
Friday (Original)

  Oz Romita – Speed Optimizer

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

Speed Optimizer Original Mix
Speed Optimizer (Angelo D’Onorio’s Shake The Funk Remix)
Speed Optimizer Goksel Vancin Remix
Speed Optimizer Jamez Remix

  Josel & Pedro – Probity

(Polytechnic Recordings, 2011)

Probity Jamez’s Abyss Remix

Among 6 other remixes

  Jamez – Glock EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2011)

Glock Original Mix
Glock MRE’s Deep Edge Remix
Percize Original Mix
Percize Fortress Remix

  Spetterphat – In Stereo Sky EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2011)

In Stereo Sky (Original)
In Stereo Sky (Tatoine Remix)
Forgotten Himalaya (Original)
Forgotten Himalaya (Oliver Kucera Remix)
Forgotten Himalaya (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

  Oz Romita – Techn-o-Matic

(Balkan Connection, 2011)

Techn-0-Matic (Original Mix)
Techn-0-Matic (Tom Hades Remix)
Techn-0-Matic (Jamez Remix)
Poing (Original Mix)
You Are Right (Original Mix)

  Jamez – Under Pressure EP

(Rough Cut Records, 2010)

Under Pressure (Original)
Under Pressure (Loophole Remix)
Frontier (Original)


  Astro Nivo – Vinortsa

(Omnis Recordings, 2010)

Niminal (Original)
New Day (Original)
Hasamba (Jamez & Soulboy Bug the Bass Mix)
Vinortsa (Jamez & Boshell TPA Mix)
Vinortsa (Boshell & Loophole Scion Dub)
Vinortsa (Boshell & Loophole Scion Rework)

  Matan Caspi feat. Marcus Pearson – Simply Beautiful

(Open Bar, 2010)

Simply Beautiful (Jamez and Soulboy Vocal Mix)
Simply Beautiful (Jamez and Soulboy Dub)
Simply Beautiful (Jamez and Soulboy Vocal Edit)

Among 7 other remixes

  Jamez – Give Me Some Space

(Rough Cut Records, 2010)

Give Me Some Space (Tribal Mix)
Give Me Some Space (Loophole Remix)
Give Me Some Space (Lemonsoul Remix)
Lick My Fingers (Original)

  Robert G Roy – Fameless

(Omnis Recordings, 2010)

Fameless (Jamez & Boshell Remix)
Fameless (Original)

  Jamez & Soulboy – Fridge EP

(Repressure Recordings, 2010)

Fridge (Original)
Fridge (Loophole Remix
Fridge (Damien EIE & Santiago Naura Remix)
Microwave (Original)
Microwave (Angel Alanis Remix)
Microwave (Sub Space & The Galactic Nomad Orchestra Remix)

  Ben Shaw – Tempest

(Omnis Recordings, 2010)

Tempest (Original Mix)
Tempest (Boshell & Cody Remix)
Tempest (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

  Tim Nice – Tales Of Sisquo 

(Tall House Underground, 2010)

Tales of Sisquo (Original)
Tales of Sisquo (Paul Parsons Remix)
Tales of Sisquo (Kimeko Remix)
Tales of Sisquo (Jamez & Boshell Remix)

  Dandi & Ugo – Cx Tre EP

(Neverending, 2010)

Cx Tre (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

Among 8 other remixes

  Lady Mary Sound feat Anaud Strong – The Sound Revolution

(Deeper Level Music, 2010)

The Sound Revolution (Mary’s Deep Space Mix)
The Sound Revolution (Anaud Strong Mix)
The Sound Revolution (Ference Dee Mix)
The Sound Revolution (Jamez & SoulBoy Mix) 
The Sound Revolution (Ogee Tribal Mix)

  Citizen Kain and Phuture Traxx – Libido (Remixes)

(Neverending, 2010)

Libido (Dub Makers Remix)
Libido (Hollen Remix)
Libido (Worakls Remix)
Libido (Egor Boss & Andrei Fiber Remix)
Libido (Frankyeffe Remix)
Libido (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)

  Jeison Torres – I heard her groove

(ADS, 2010)

I Heard Her Groove Original Mix
I Heard Her Groove Felipe Abel Remix
I Heard Her Groove Jamez & Soulboy Remix)
I Heard Her Groove Jill Bellac Remix
I Heard Her Groove Nando Scheffer Remix

  Montana – You And Me Forever

(Bomba Records, 2010)

You And Me Forever (Original)
You And Me Forever (Jamez & Soulboy Remix)
Married Me feat. Tom Reason (Original)

  Laurent & Lewis – One For A Moment

(Cherry Juice Recordings, 2009)

One For A Moment (Sonikross Radio Mix)
One For A Moment (Jamez & Soulboy Radio Mix)
One For A Moment (Uberlove Radio Mix)
One For A Moment (Sonikross Club Mix)
One For A Moment (Jamez & Soulboy Club Mix)
One For A Moment (Uberlove Original Mix)

  Vinnie M – Solid

(Made2Dance, 2009)

Solid (Original)
Solid (Johnny Deekay Remix)
Solid (Groovelab’s Soulfood Remix)
Solid (Jamez And Soulboy Remix)
Solid (Bas Van Hees Remix)

Johnny Deekay – Vibrationz

(Intentionz Muzik, 2009)

Vibrationz (Original)
Vibrationz (Soulboy and Jamez Remix)
Vibrationz (Vinnie M Remix)

  Sara Noxx – Superior Love

(Prussia, 2009)

Superior Love (Dark Territory RMX)

Among 9 other remixes

  Jeffed – I Love You (part 2)

(Hi9 records, 2008)

I Love You (Original)
I Love You (Jeffed Dub)
I Love You (Jamez Remix)
I Love You (Jeffed Remix)

  Sleepthief – The Chauffeur

(Neurodisc Records, 2007)

The Chauffeur (Lemonsoul Deep House Mix)

Among 11 other remixes

  Sleepthief – Eurodice

(Neurodisc Records, 2006)

Eurydice (Single Version)
Eurydice (Nick Wax’s “Orpheus Descending” Mix)
Eurydice (Psychosomatic Mix)
Eurydice (Dark Territory Mix)
Eurydice (Nook & Kranny’s “Lost” Mix)
Eurydice (Sensory Gate Mix)
Eurydice (Underworld A Capella Mix)

  Angel Theory – Transmission EP

(Ground Under Productions, 2004)

Transmission (Seele Remix)

Among 7 other remixes

  Villanord – Impact

(Touché Records, 2003)

Impact (Original)
Impact (Trancesetters Remix)
Impact (Trancesetters Beats)


Soulkeeper – Deeper EP

(Data Records, 2002)

Deeper (Moneybitch Remix)
Deeper (Trancesetters Remix)

  Soulkeeper – Deeper EP

(Voidcom, 2002)

Deeper (Trancesetters Remix)
Deeper (Thrust & !Pez Souldown Regroove)

  P.A. – Entangled

(Touché Records, 2002)

Entangled (Original)
Entangled (Trancesetters Remix)


  Marc et Claude – Loving You

(Positiva, 2001)

Loving You (Ratty Remix)
Loving You (Dark Moon Remix)
Loving You (Quo Vadis Remix)
Loving You (Trancesetters Remix)

  Mark N.R.G. – Starlight

(Superstition Recordings, 2001)

Starlight (Original)
Starlight (Trancesetters Remix)

  Contrast feat. Lex Empress – Natural Incident

(Alien, 2001)

Natural Incident (Jamez Remix)
Natural Incident (Retrograde Vocal Mix)
Natural Incident (Instrumental Progressive Mix)

  Tall Paul – Rock da house

(VC / Virgin, 2001)

Rock Da House (Fergie Remix)
Rock Da House (Radio Edit)
Rock Da House (Trancesetters Remix)

  Len Faki presents S**t -Tha way you like it 

(Tide, 2001)

Tha Way You Like It (Original Version)
Tha Way You Like It (Jamez & Derric Mindfunk Rmx)

  Maurice – Feline

(Distinct’ive Records, 2001)

Feline (Original Union Mix)
Feline (Trancesetters Remix)

  Plastika – Anwser

(3345 recordings, 2001)

Answer (Original)
Answer (Trancesetters Remix)
Answer (Plastika’s Fat Dub)

  Vic 20 & Sinclair – Nikita

(Future Groove, 2001)

Nikita (Original)
Nikita (Jamez Remix)

  Miller and Floyd – Time

(Grand Casino, 2000)

Time (3.1)
Time (Fortress Remix)
Time (Art Nouveau Remix)

  Cevin Fisher – The Freaks Come Out (The Trancesetters Remixes)

(3345 recordings, 2000)

The Freaks Come Out (Trancesetters Are Freakin’ Out)
The Freaks Come Out (Trancesetters Are Dubbin’ Out)

Humate – Choose life!

(Superstition Benelux, 2000)

Choose Life (Trancesetters Remix)
Choose Life (Thomas Schumacher Remix)

  Humate – Choose life!

(Superstition Recordings, 2000)

Choose Life (Trancesetters Remix)
Choose Life (Gee Shock Remix)

  Kadoc – Clap your hands (The Remixes)

(Underground Sound of Amsterdam, 1998)

Clap Your Hands (Loi Tech Remix)
Clap Your Hands (Revolt’s Break Reconstruction)
Clap Your Hands (Sunclub Remix)
Clap Your Hands (Original Mix)

  Victor Calderone – Price of love

(Cyber Records, 1998)

Price Of Love (Original Mix)
Price Of Love (Jamez Remix)
Price Of Love (DJ Gogo Remix)

  DJ Don & Svenson – My Beat Shoot Back (The Dutch Mixes)

(Wiggle /EMI, 1998)

My Beat Shoot Back (3 Drives On A Vinyl Remix)
My Beat Shoot Back (Jerry & Jamez Remix)

  Mel O’Ween – The King (Remixes)

(Red label, 1997)

The King (Radio Edit)
The King (Another Radio Edit)
The King (Original)
The King (Jamaxtra Mix)
The King (Laidback Track Mix)
Swing Man

  Sterac – Secret Life Mixes Prt 2

(100% Pure, 1997)

The Lost Of A Love (Mark Broom Mix 1)
The Lost Of A Love (Mark Broom Mix 2)
Hydroxy (Loophole Mix)

  Sterac – Secret Life Mixes Prt 1

(100% Pure, 1996)

Satyricon (Jamez Mix)
Axion (Sensurreal New Funk Mix)

  T-Ragga – Lo-Lo (Remixes)

(Vintage, 1996)

Lo-Lo (Laidback Luke Floorfiller Mix)
Lo-Lo (Laidback Luke Full Flava Mix)
Lo-Lo (Dreadlock Mainstream Mix)
Lo-Lo (Jamez’s Sexy Man Mix)

  Laidback Luke – Act The Fool

(Touché Records, 1996)

Act The Fool (Original)
Act The Fool (Dobre And Jamez Remix)

  Der Dritte Raum – Alieniod

(Harthouse, 1996)

Alienoid (Another Mix)
Alienoid (The “Let’s Do Another Mix” Mix)
Alienoid (Original)

  T.N.T. – Dancin’

(Xtra Nova, 1996)

Dancin’ (Royale With Cheese Mix)
Dancin’ (Full Version)

  Norton – A fall down from Prague

(Touché Records, 1996)

Norton – A Fall Down From Prague (Dobre and Jamez Remix)
Laidback Luke – Club Climax
H.P. Vince – Encore

  Angela Lewis – Dream Come True (Remixes)

(Vintage, 1996)

Dream Come True (Dream Vocal)
Dream Come True (Angel Moraes Hot N’ Spicy Vocal Mix)
Dream Come True (Jamba Mix)
Dream Come True (Piercing Mix)

Touché Remixes

(Touché Records, 1996)

Tata Box Inhibitors – Protein (Darren Emerson’s Underwater Remix)
Tetraflux – Room 21 (Juantrip’s Voodoo Mix)
Tetraflux – Room 21 (Juantrip’s Anteroom 12 Mix)
Jamshed – Get On Board (Dobre and Jamez Remix)

  Capricorn – Walking On The Moon

(Labyrinth Records/ R&S Records, 1996)

Walking On The Moon (Who Goes For It?)
Walking On The Moon (Jamez Remix)

  Psychedelic Research Lab – Keep On Climbing

(Outland Records, 1996)

Keep On Climbin’ # 1
Keep On Climbin’ (Jeremy Jarz Mix)
Keep On Climbin’ #2

Paperclip People – Floor 

(Touché Records, 1996)

The Floor (Original)
Reach (Original)
Reach (Dobjam Interpretation)

  F-Action – Thanks To You

(Push & Pull, 1996)

Thanks To You (You’re Welcome Mix)
Thanks To You (Laidback Dub)
Thanks To You (R.O.O.S. Mix)
Thanks To You (The Electric 10 Mix)

  Professeur Bubble – Club 6

(Aspro Records, 1996)

LO (Original)
HI (Original)
HI (EDC & Jamez Remix)
HI (Jamez Remix)

  X-Press 2 – The Sound

(Yeti Records, 1996)

The Sound (Nush Pizza X-Press Remix)
The Sound (Dobre & Jamez Remix)

  X-Press 2 – The Sound

(Logic, 1996)

The Sound (Pizza X-Press Mix)
The Sound (Klub Head Mix)
The Sound (Radio Edit)
The Sound (Hard Head Mix)
The Sound (Dobre & Jamez Remix)

X-Press 2 – The Sound

(Junior Boy’s Own, 1996)

The Sound (Nush Pizza X-Press Remix)
The Sound (Dobre & Jamez Remix)

   Alex – Le Turbo Personnel

(Aspro Records, 1996)

Le Turbo Personnel (Basic Bastard’s Radical Remix)
Le Turbo Personnel (Motorbass Edit) (Original Version)
Hi Guys!
Le Turbo Personnel (Jammix)
Le Turbo Personnel (Jamdub)

Celvin Rotane – You’ve got to be you

(Alphabet City, 1996)

You’ve Got To Be You (DJ Tonka’s Eurostyle Mix)
You´ve Got To Be You (Green Velvet Remix)
You´ve Got To Be You (Future Breeze Remix)
You´ve Got To Be You (Dobre & Jamez Remix)

   Celvin Rotane – You’ve got to be you

(Club Tools, 1996)

You´ve Got To Be You (Green Velvet Remix)
You´ve Got To Be You (Future Breeze Remix)
You´ve Got To Be You (Dobre & Jamez Remix)

  Darlesia – Everlasting

(Eye Q, 1996)

Everlasting (Radio Edit)
Everlasting (T-empo’s Infinite Club Mix)
Everlasting (Dobre And Jamez Remix)
Everlasting (Jugonought Remix)

Felix Da Housecat – The Chaos Engine

(Touché Records, 1995)

The Chaos Engine (Dobre & Jamez Remix)
Citizen Bishop (Original)
The Chaos Engine (Original)

  G-Man – You’re A Bitch

(Main Room, 1995)

You’re A Bitch (Extended Flog Mix)
You’re A Bitch (Moog On Up Mix)
You’re A Bitch (Jam Mix)
You’re A Bitch (Blunt Mix)

Paperclip People – The Climax (The Touché Remixes)

(Open Recordings, 1995)

The Climax (Orlando Voorn Mix)
The Climax (Dobre & Jamez Mix)
The Climax (Dobre & Jamez Dub)

2 Unlimited – Do What’s Good For You

(ZYX Music, 1995)

Do What’s Good For Me (Edit)
Do What’s Good For Me (Extended)
Do What’s Good For Me (Alex Party Remix)
Do What’s Good For Me (X-Out Remix)
Do What’s Good For Me (Aural Pleasure Mix)
Club Megamix (DJ Mix)

  Paperclip People – The Climax (Remixes)

(Touché Records, 1995)

The Climax (Dobre And Jamez Remix)
The Climax (Orlando Voorn Remix)
The Climax (Dobre And Jamez Dub)

Kamasutra – Night walk

(Touché Records, 1994)

Night Walk (Dob-Jam Dub)
Night Walk (Rejuiced)
Night Walk (Night Walk Version)
Night Walk (To The Cave)
Night Walk (On The Mountain)
Night Walk (Black Horses)