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PSI is short for Programming Sound Industry.

Behind PSI is techno producer Jamez. Together with his partner
Dobre, they started the respected Touché label in 1994. His techno
projects include “Trancesetters”, “Tata Box Inhibitors”, “51 Days”,
“Fortress” and many more. Back in 1997, Jamez wanted a side project
in which he could experiment with sounds and dark spheres.
PSI was born……

With PSI, Jamez can blend all kinds of different sounds together
and create dark and horror-like pieces of music. “it should get you to
experience a horror movie without actually watching it” -Jamez

Because the music contains a lot of samples and sounds from movies,
TV, radio, CDs’and vinyl records, the copyright on these sounds make
it difficult to actually sell the music.
“Sampled sounds, when programmed and properly re-used re-edited
and remixed, should deserve a second life. People should enjoy every
sound in as many ways as possible” -Jamez 1998.

There are already two albums ready, but will probably never hit the

PSI – Anger Stability


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