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Italian techno talent IDR3N signs to Rough Cut Records

Our new blood in the family is techno talent IDR3N.

Press release:

Italian new talent IDR3N produced these two raw techno tracks. Raw and rough is the way we like it. Where ´Elix´ wants you to go crazy with it´s snare breaks and Dave Clark´s Red 2 sounds, ´Rhobbot´takes it a bit slower, but is still a raw and interesting piece of work. With remixes from Touché legends Loophole who turns ´Elix´ in a pumping tech house track and Tatoine, who flips and shakes ´Rhobbot´ around and marks his sound with deep pads and warm basslines. IDR3N is someone to look out for. His releases are popping up everywhere on various labels. We´re proud to be a part of his upcoming fame. Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records.

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