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New artists confirmed for Rough Cut

Finally, I’m going to release more of my alter egos on Rough Cut! Electro project  J.Roks and my  pop/dance project Lemonsoul. Together with singer/ songwriter John, we produced several dance pop songs, which never saw a solo release.  We did do a release on Superstition Records, but that was with Fortress. This was the Fortress vs Lemonsoul – Sun EP. And John did sing on Trancesetters – Synergy which was released on Touché records. And another release was with Mute UK’s Future Groove label. I did my Jamez – Dreamchasing album and John sung on this as well…..but we have never had a release as Lemonsoul solo. We’re going to do a few singles and later on an album. Maybe put in some remixes here and there.

This is one of many beautiful tracks from Lemonsoul:


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