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New releases from 2018 and 2019

A lot of releases came out this last year. From Trancesetters and Tata Box Inhibitors to Sikora’s mad techno and Meltable’s deep flavoured progressive house. Check the releases page for more info.

Everything can be found on your favorite download platform and streaming service. Also check our Facebook and YouTube account.

Here’s a little preview:

Releases and releases

A lot of releases came out this past year and there is more to come. Almost everything on my own label Rough Cut Records. Check out my releases page to see what happened.

Also more stuff on my soundcloud pages.


New old P.I.M.P. release

P.I.M.P. ‘s re-release of Why and Shadow Movers is now available for download.

Go check it out here:

Press release:

Re-release of P.I.M.P. ‘s Why? And Shadow Movers. Original released on Touche Records in 2002. Why? is a party track, over the top and in your face. Shadow Movers is a beautiful track with pads, vocal spheres, heavy bass and grooving rhythms. It’s a journey on it’s own. Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touche Records

Sikora’s new single on Rough Cut

Sikora has got a new single out on Rough Cut Records. Zentral en Dezentral. Pure energy the Sikora way.

Have a listen here:

Press release:

Sikora’s style of techno is, next to the fact that it is very good, also out of the ordinary and that’s why we like it so much. Zentral is just rough techno and will fit nicely in any hard techno set. Dezentral is a bit more subtle, but still rough enough for any techno set. Two Sikora gems and not to be missed. Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touche Records


Roaches are Under Attack

New stuff from Roaches. We gotta go, we’re gonna take it back, we’re not to be stopped, beware you’re under attack.
Crazy bass techno track that reminded us of the Audio Bully’s track We Don’t Care back in 2003. “What the fuck”!!!

Listen here:

Loophole’s Getronic

Loophole’s new single Getronic is out on all platforms.

New and old by techno veteran Loophole. An old track with a new remix. Loophole’s sound is one of a kind and Getronic is again such a beautiful track, that it just had to be released. Jamez gives Getronic a worthy remake and a gotta have release is finished. Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touche Records

Listen here:

buy it here:

End of year 2014

The end of the year is nearby. The holidays are coming. Make sure your music collection is up to date and get the Rough Cut catalogue from your favorite download portal or streaming site.

It was a good year, with a lot of releases, new artists and of course beautiful music. Check out the releases page for more info or just go to Beatport and search for Rough Cut Records and start buying people 🙂

See you in 2015!

Happy Holidays!

IDR3N’s second single is heavenly

Second single from IDR3N here on Rough Cut Records is Gabriel Angel and The Your Mind. Raw and dark techno, from the Italian based DJ and producer.

Press release:
Second release on Rough Cut Records of Italian based IDR3N. His dark and unconventional sound is something we applaud here at Rough Cut. With Gabriel Angel and The Your Mind, he delivers raw and dark techno, without becoming aggressive. Deep house specialist Tatoine takes Gabriel Angel to deeper grounds. Jamez and Plectric do what they do best and will have every dancefloor full and ready for their remix of The Your Mind.

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records.

X-Mod Man Regrets?

It’s been a while, but here it is! The new single from Rough Cut Records veteran X-Mod Man. Regret and Junction Box. We here at Rough Cut don’t regret we released this 🙂

Press release:
One of the many aliases of Jamez is X-Mod Man. Why did he need 40 or more aliases? A probably certain case of multiple personality disorder, or just a way to express yourself in as many styles as possible, without confusing the listener? Whatever the case, after 17 years it’s time for a follow up. With “Regret” it’s just the opposite and “Junction Box” is complete madness….nothing changed in all those years…just pure and uncomplicated techno remains….

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records

When Cats Attack

Jimmy Galle’s track When Cats Attack is out on Rough Cut Records. This techno bomb was just waiting to explode.

Press release:
Belgian techno goodness from Jimmy Galle. When Cats Attack is probably something what Jimmy endures every day….poor thing. Reason enough to write a song about it. Listening to this dark and long track, makes you wonder who won the fight. Jamez takes it a bit slower and makes sure the cat turns from fighting into purring. If you have a cat….make sure you have your headphones ready…it could turn dirty….

Rough Cut Records is a sublabel of Touché Records